Frequently Asked Questions

Who do you work with?

Lewis works with children, young people, families and adults across the full range of presenting issues. Additionally, Lewis can work with systems such as Schools, Children’s Homes and Businesses. Please do not feel that there needs to be a ‘mental health problem’ in order to make an enquiry. That is not the only thing that Psychology can help with.

Where are you based?

Lewis offers Expert Witness work in offices of Solicitors and Local Authorities. I am able to travel to a variety of locations across the UK and ROI.

Therapy is available in Liverpool or via Zoom online.

Supervision sessions are offered in Liverpool via Zoom online.

Training can be offered either online or at your premises.

What are your fees?

Expert Witness Family Court work is charged at Legal Aid Rates and is within the hours stipulated by the LAA unless in exceptional circumstances.  Private Law cases vary in cost but are generally charged at £150p/h. Please make an enquiry for more information. 

Therapy costs can vary but are generally charged at £120 per hour paid in advance. Cancellations charges apply as set out in T&Cs.

Supervision is charged at £120 per hour.

Training and Consultation fees are available on enquiry.

Do you keep up to date with training?

I regularly engage in continuing professional development in accordance with, and beyond the requirements of the HCPC. I also have regular supervision of my own.

Are sessions confidential?

Before starting work together, we will review the terms and conditions of therapy. These include confidentiality with the exception of safeguarding issues. Lewis operates GDPR compliant services.

How do I make a referral?

Lewis accepts self-referrals as well as referrals from parents and professionals. Solicitors can also make enquiries regarding legal instruction. A referral is as easy as sending an email to